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Weekly Update: Parshat Miketz / Chanukah

This week, Parshat Miketz, 4:15 PM. Shabbat ends at 5:24 PM and Rabbenu Tam is at 5:46 PM.

Mazal Tov to Mr. & Mrs. Sherwin Lovi upon the Bar Mitzvah of their son Moshe and Mazal Tov to the grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Lovi. May they merit to see much nachat from him and the rest of their children.

Kiddush is sponsored by Mr & Mrs Sherwin Lovi in honor of their son Moshe’s Bar Mitzvah

Seudah Shelishit is sponsored in memory of אנבר בת אלעזר by her son Dr. Don Bandari & in memory of Aghajani ben Yosef by the Chadi family.

Shabbat Shalom, Hodesh Tov & Chanukah Sameach