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Weekly Update: Parshat Vayihi

This week, Parshat Vayihi, candle lighting is at 4:28 PM. Shabbat ends at 5:37 PM and Rabbenu Tam is at 5:59 PM.

2nd Shaharit on Shabbat is at 8:30 AM / 9:00 AM

Mazal Tov to Rabbi & Mrs. Shaliehsaboo on the marriage of their son, Yisrael Meir to Simcha, daughter of Rabbi & Mrs. David Zafrani.

Rabbi Shaliehsaboo’s Monday night class is cancelled.

Seudah Shelishit is sponsored in memory of משה בן נחמיה by Mr. & Mrs. Nehemya Soliman

Shabbat Shalom