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Weekly Update: Parshat Vayakhel Pukudei

Parshat Vayakhel – Pekudei

Fri, Mar 20🕯️🕯️6:49 PM
Shabbat ends 7:58 PM
Rabbenu Tam 8:20 PM


Please Daven at home at the time of our regularly scheduled Minyans, although we are Davening b’yachid we will still be praying together untied as one community with one voice and one heart.

Shabbat Tefillot
Friday Mincha: 6:25 PM
Arvit: 7:15 PM
Hanetz Minyan: 5:55 AM / 6:25 AM
2nd Shaharit: 8:00 AM / 8:30 AM
Young Adult Minyan 9:15 AM / 9:30 AM
Mincha: 6:15 PM
Arvit: 8:00 PM

Minyanim Week of Mar 22
Hanetz Minyan:
Shaharit 6:16 AM / 6:36 AM
Second Minyan:
Sunday: 8:00 AM
Monday, Thursday: 6:45 AM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 AM
Early Mincha: 1:40 PM
Mincha: 6:50 PM
Since we are Davening B’yichidut (alone) it’s better to Daven at dark
Arvit: 8 PM
Late Arvit: 9:30 PM

Shiurim by Rabbi Shaliehsaboo are via conference call: Call: +1 814-876-5982 PIN: 890 513 265#

Gemara Pesachim Daily @ 7:45 am
Gemara Shabbat Daily @ 7:35 pm

Sunday Morning: Class on Sefer Hamitzvot Chafetz Chaim @ 9:30 am
Monday Evening: Class on Tefilla @ 8:30 pm
Wednesday Evening: Class on Haggadah @ 8:30 pm

Mishna Berachot & Ben Ish Hai Hilchot Pesach by Mordechai Shaliehsaboo Sunday-Thursday 8:45-9:45 PM meet.google.com/rrm-kocy-pmw

Halachot of Davening B’yichidut

It is important to remember that even though we are not able to be in shul, we need to be dressed properly for davening and for Shabbat.

When davening at home it is best to choose an indoor location which is relatively quiet. If possible, in front of a wall, and not in front of a mirror. One should choose a set place to daven all his tefilot.
For Shacharit the best is to daven netz (6:58 Amidah, start approximately an hour before to make sure you have enough time to say everything), however only if it will not ruin one’s day. It is important to say korbanot and especially the parsha of ketoret.
Musaf should be davened before the seventh hour (approx. 2:00)
For Mincha we will try to daven together even though we are physically separate. First Mincha at 1:45 second at 6:15. From mincha k’tana (5:15) one should not begin eating a meal, unless one designates a shomer or already davened Mincha. Try to wash at least a few minutes before shkia (7:09) for seuda shelishit. We will daven Arvit at 8:00.
Friday night after the Amida one may say Vayechulu even alone. Preferably it should be said with another person, even one’s wife. One does not say the bracha of Magen Avot.
This week is Shabbat Mevarchim – one may say Birkat Hachodesh even when alone. Rosh Chodesh Nissan is on Thursday. The Molad will be Tuesday, 2;53 am and 11 chalakim.
Reading the Torah is a Chovat Hatzibur, only required in a minyan – However, one should certainly read the Parsha and Haftorah themselves Shabbat morning. The Maftir is Hachodesh which can be found in Shemot 12:1-20. The haftarah is Hachodesh in Yechezkel 45:18-46:18 for Sephardim. The brachot for the Torah and haftorah are not to be recited.
Shabbat Mincha – one should be saying Va’Ani Tefilati even though one would not be reading the Torah, and also Tzidkatcha.
We should take extra care to have proper kavanah even though we aren’t in shul.
May Hashem accept all of our tefilot and bring salvation quickly.

Shabbat Shalom & Chodesh Tov