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Parashat Tzav – Study Of Korbanot

זֹאת תּוֹרַת הָעֹלָה הִוא הָעֹלָה

This is the law of the Olah (burnt offering), which is the Olah…


The Gemara learns from this passuk that studying the laws of different sacrifices can take the place of the sacrifices themselves. The “law of the Olah” is “the Olah.”

In the situation we currently find ourselves in, it isn’t too difficult to find inspiration for our prayers. The tremendous amount of suffering taking place place around the world can stir anyone who so desires. What can we do though? How can we help?

Aside from the obvious adherence to all the regulations and advice given by doctors, (which we are required by halacha to follow) we have a “secret” weapon at our disposal. The Ketoret is what Aharon used to stop the plague after the Jews sinned with the golden calf, and it had been used since then to stop other plagues. Even today, without the Bet HaMikdash, we can still access the power of the Ketoret. We say the Parasha of Ketoret three times a day in our prayers. (Though some speed through or altogether skip that part,) Now would be a great time to say it with extra concentration. Before Shacharit we also say “Korbanot” which can be an excellent source of forgiveness and merits to help us get through these rough times.

May Hashem protect us all and bring a refuah shelema to all those who need it.


Shabbat Shalom

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