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Shavuot – A Culmination

Shavuot is a holiday of completion. The completion of seven weeks of counting, with excitement growing by the day until the reception of the Torah. The final seal on our birth as a nation. With so much going on in the slow whirlwind that has become our lives, we should stop and take at least a few moments to try to salvage what should have been seven weeks of preparation.

The Jewish calendar is a circular track. It’s a cycle we revisit every year, and not a line in which what has passed is gone. Every year at this time we receive the Torah. This is a time when Hashem is giving Torah to whoever desires. However, just like a broken cup cannot hold water properly, an unfit person is unable to retain Torah. Our preparation is to be a vessel that can hold Torah. A person with refined Middot (doesn’t anger easily, doesn’t get jealous or haughty…) a person who Hashem is proud to have as a representative, and whom the Torah is at peace resting within.

Current events have effected everyone in a myriad of ways, a common thread seems to be that most people are spending more time on inflection than they have in a long time. Let us use what we’ve learned about ourselves in a positive way. Accept the Torah in its entirety and with a complete heart. Become a vessel for Torah. Let us use the yearning most of us have felt for our regular shul schedules to propel us as they re-open to engage as much as possible.

B’ezrat Hashem this Shavuot will be the culmination of the decree as well, and we will soon be able to go back to Torah and Tefillah at a clip unimagined before.


Chag Sameach

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