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Weekly Update: Parshat Mattot – Mas’e

Fri, Jul 17

Earliest time to accept Shabbat 6:57 PM

If praying at Kollel’s first Mincha, one should light before 7:10 PM

🕯️🕯️8:05 PM
Shabbat ends 9:13 PM
Rabbenu Tam 9:35 PM

Laws of the Nine Days

As of Rosh Hodesh Av we have additional customs of mourning

  • We minimize joy 
  • One should try to avoid having a court case during these days
  • We avoid starting any new building projects
  • If a building was already started it can be continued until the point that is just for decoration not structure. If one has a contractor working, the contractor can continue, if possible one should ask the contractor to delay until after 9 Av.
  • It is permissible to get engaged but not have a meal in honor of the engagement
  • One should not eat any meat or poultry during these days, this includes meat fat or even something cooked with meat. It is permitted to have fish. One should not drink wine.
  • We eat meat and drink wine on Shabbat and Rosh Hodesh or for a Mitzvah such as Havdala or a Siyum. One may taste the food of Shabbat to see if it needs anything
  • One should not sew or buy any clothing
  • Some do not wash their entire body but can wash specific body parts with cold water. If one sweat then they can shower in cold water. Some have the custom not to only during the week of 9 Av

Laws of the Week of 9 Av

During the week of 9 Av, we have additional customs of mourning

  • One may not wash any clothes or shine shoes or wear freshly laundered clothes. One may wear clothes that were laundered if worn for just an hour. One may not wear these clothes on Shabbat to prepare them for the week. One does not have to do this for young children who get dirty all the time
  • One should not cut any hair or nails. Mustache hairs that interfere with eating of nails that go past the finger can be cut
  • One can eat meat and drink wine only by a Seudat Mitzvah
  • One can make the blessing on the new moon as of 7 Av but the custom is to wait until after 9 Av

Shabbat Shalom