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Weekly Update: Parshat D’varim

 Parshat D’varim

Fri, Jul 24

Earliest time to accept Shabbat 6:53 PM

If praying at Kollel, one should light before 7:10 PM

🕯️🕯️8:00 PM
Shabbat ends 9:08 PM
Rabbenu Tam 9:30 PM

Laws of Erev 9 Av

  • One should not go on a stroll for pleasure
  • A Seudat Mitzva can only serve meat before midday
  • As of midday one cannot learn Torah besides what one can learn on 9 Av
  • The final meal before 9 Av is called a Seudah Hamafseket. One may only eat one type of cooked food at this meal. The custom is to eat a hard boiled egg as that is a mourners food. Some eat bread with ashes at this meal. One eats this meal sitting on the floor. Three men should not sit together and eat this meal so as not to be obligated in Zimmun. After Birkat Hamazon, one can still eat and drink until the fast starts.

9 Av

On 9 av, five calamities happened that warrant fasting

  • The 12 spies returned from Israel, 10 with a bad report
  • The First Temple was destroyed
  • The Second Temple was destroyed
  • The Romans crushed Bar Kochba’s revolt, killing over half a million people
  • The site of the Temple was plowed over

Since the times of the Mishna, there has been other tragedies around this day such as in the year

  • 1096 the first crusade began, killing 10,000 Jews in France and Germany
  • 1290 the Jews were expelled from England
  • 1306 the Jews were expelled from France
  • 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain
  • 1914 Germany entered War World One
  • 1941 The Nazi Party officially approved of “The Final Solution”
  • 1942 deportations from the Warsaw Ghetto began
  • 1994 the Jewish Community center in Argentina was bombed

Laws of 9 Av

  • The fast starts at 8:13 PM
  • It is forbidden to eat or drink at all, even chewing gum or to rinse out one’s mouth. One is allowed to swallow saliva
  • A new mother within 30 days of giving birth is allowed to eat. A pregnant or nursing woman cannot eat unless she is not feeling well. Someone who is sick and feels weak and unwell should ask their Rav a question if they should fast
  • Someone who is sick or on birth control can take pills. In case or great need one may have it with less than 1.3 oz of a bitter liquid such as tea concentrate 
  • It is forbidden to wash any part of the body with water. One may wash a specific part that is dirty. One washes in the morning, after using the restroom and any time one Halachically needs to wash until the knuckles. 
  • If one is eating bread they must wash their hands until the wrist
  • One may not put on perfume or cologne. One may use deodorant to remove a bad smell
  • One may not wear leather shoes or fake leather shoes. One may wear cloth or rubber shoes. It is proper to be stringent and not to wear shoes that feel like regular shoes but to wear something that one can feel the difference between that and regular shoes. One should not go barefoot. One may wear leather shoes if that’s all they have and it is raining. 
  • When going to sleep one should place a rock under the pillow or if one usually sleeps with two pillows to sleep with one
  • From the night of 9 Av until Hatzot (1:01 PM), one should sit close to the floor. One should sit within 3 Tefahim (9.45 in) of the floor. Elderly, sick and pregnant people can sit on a regular chair. One who is in a car may sit normally
  • One should not work. One may work to prevent a loss or to sell food.
  • One should not learn any Torah except for what relates to the destruction of the Temple or the laws of mourning and even that should not be learned in depth. Anything that is part of the prayers may be said
  • One may not greet another with a greeting (Shalom, good morning…). If you are greeted by someone else then respond in a low tone
  • One may not give presents 
  • The fast ends at Tzet Hakochavim which is 8:54 PM in pressing circumstances one can be lenient and end at 8:35 PM
  • it is proper to wash hands three times until the wrist after the fast
  • Some customarily do not eat meat or drink wine on the 10th of Av. Some customarily do not either shower or get a haircut. Since the 10th of Av is on Friday, everyone showers and can get a haircut

Shabbat Shalom