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Harav Eliezer Ben-David z'tl

Founder | Ohr Haemet International

Rabbi Eliezer Ben-David is the founder and spiritual mentor of Kollel Ohr HaEmet. Prior to the establishment of the Kollel, there had been a great demand and need in the Iranian-Jewish community of Great Neck for the creation of an institution that would disseminate the teachings of the Torah and would serve as a bedrock of authentic, Iranian-Jewish tradition throughout the community. Upon recognizing this, Rabbi Ben-David founded the Kollel and requested his son-in-law Rabbi Daniel Shaliasaboo to serve as the spiritual leader of the Kollel. The Kollel continuously turns to Rabbi Ben-David for guidance in all matters especially those regarding Jewish law and thought. Thus, although Rabbi Ben-David resides in the holy land, he remains an intrinsic part of Kollel Ohr HaEmet and the Great Neck community.

Rabbi Daniel Shaliehsaboo

Rabbi | Spiritual Leader | Executive Director

Rabbi Shaliehsaboo is the spiritual leader and executive director of Kollel Ohr Haemet. After many years of diligent Torah study in Yeshivat Ner Yisrael in Baltimore, Maryland, Rabbi Shaliehsaboo and his family moved to Great Neck in order to help establish Kollel Ohr Haemet and propel its growth. Under his guidance, the Kollel has blossomed into a fully active synagogue and a prime source of Torah learning in Great Neck, serving all members of the Jewish community. He delivers classes and lectures on a broad range of topics including Talmud, Halacha, and Mussar, which are all warmly received by the members of the community. With Rabbi Shaliehsaboo’s devotion and vision, the Kollel has become a dynamic and vibrant centerpiece in the Great Neck Jewish community.

Rabbi Simcha Sperling

Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Sperling serves as Kollel Ohr Haemet’s Rosh Chaburah and oversees the Kollel’s community learning program. For many years, the Great Neck Jewish community has demonstrated a great thirst for Rabbi Sperling’s vast Torah knowledge, and he addresses this desire by constantly devoting his time to teaching large groups of community members. Whether a young school boy or grandfather, Rabbi Sperling instills the fire and passion of Torah study in all with whom he interacts.

Rabbi Yitzhak Malka

Assistant Rabbi

Whether during his evening Talmud classes or while delivering the weekly Seudah Shlishit sermon, you can count on Rabbi Malka to deliver the Torah’s message in a dynamic and witty fashion. Rabbi Malka’s sharp and energetic personality creates an enjoyable, comfortable atmosphere for all who interact with him. As such, a wide variety of members of the Great Neck Jewish community participate in his daily learning and Shabbat programs.

Rabbi David Shaliehsaboo

On-Site Avrech | Youth Programs


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Rabbi Netanel Zion

Rabbi Netanel Zion



Rabbi Ben Kaniel

Rabbi Ben Kaniel