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Mission Statement

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The Kollel was created to assist in the growth of Torah and Judaism in the Great Neck community. Our vision is that the Great Neck community become a source of pride to the Torah world. That goal has not and will not change. As the community grows, it’s needs grow, and the Kollel grows to be able to provide those needs.

Our History

Kollel Ohr Haemet was founded in 1996 to provide the underserved Great Neck Jewish community with a variety of necessary religious resources previously unavailable. What began as a daily Minyan in a Bet Midrash with three Rabbanim grew into regularly scheduled classes. This was followed by having a small group of Avreichim coming in daily from Queens, and the first Kollel in Great Neck was established. The Kollel was involved with the community and spent time learning with anyone who wanted, though the focus on the personal growth of the Avreichim was never abandoned. Many members of the Kollel have graduated into other leadership positions within Great Neck and elsewhere. Over time, the Kollel began to provide more housing for a few additional Avreichim to come live in Great Neck to provide role models who live within the community and a steady Night Seder dedicated solely to learning with community members. Against this backdrop, Great Neck has grown tremendously into a thriving religious community.

The Present

The Kollel has learning beginning at 4:30 AM daily, followed by a Hanetz Minyan and a 7:00 Minyan, both of which are followed by learning. The Avreichim begin their day learning with community members at 9:30 until 10:30 followed by a standard first seder. Mincha Gedola is at 1:30 as well as a regularly scheduled Mincha and Arvit 25 minutes before sunset. The Kollel has second seder from 3:00-5:00 followed by learning with community members until 6:00. Night Seder is from 7:30-9:30 and dedicated exclusively to regularly scheduled groups, classes, programs and one-on-one learning with the community, followed by a second Arvit. On Shabbat there are classes an hour before Mincha as well as a boys pirchei-style program. There is a general seuda shelishit as well as a separate one for the boys program.

Our Leadership

Founded and guided by HaRav Eliezer Ben-David, and under the direct leadership of Rabbi Daniel Shaliehsaboo, the Kollel currently consists of eight members. The Rosh Chabura is Rabbi Simcha Sperling, and the assistant Rabbi is Rabbi Yitzchak Malka. They are joined by Rabbi Michael Fachlaev, Rabbi Ezra Green, Rabbi Shlomo Gross, Rabbi Ben Kaniel, Rabbi David Shaliehsaboo, and Rabbi Netanel Zion.

What We Do

The Kollel aims to provide Jews of every background with with an address where they will always be welcome to come and fill their spiritual needs. Chavrutot are available to learn one-on-one with anyone who so desires. From the Aleph-Bet to Hashkafa, and from reading to Gemara, if there’s a need, we will try to provide for it. In addition to being a full service shul offering multiple daily Minyanim, the Kollel currently provides an array of programs for men, women, and children, including but not limited to:
● Daily Gemara shiurim
● Weekly Mussar and Hashkafa shiurim
● Weekly classes for women, covering a variety of topics, including self-growth, Halacha,
and Hashkafa
● One-on-one learning with Avreichim
● Taharat HaMishpacha teaching and review courses
● Attractive and exciting programming for children, teens, and young professionals
● Legal Holiday learning programs
● Summer SEED program
● Halachic answers
● Marriage and other types of counseling
● Community Lag BaOmer, Simchat Bet HaShoeva, and Purim events